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A Boss on the ground

As a preferred equipment supplier for Tier 1 clients, Boss Attachments knows a thing or two about the needs of the mining industry – and about helping the community.

When Boss Attachments general manager Ricky Kirby sat down with PNG Mining, his passion for the communities and companies of Papua New Guinea (PNG) was evident.

“I love seeing people succeed,” Kirby said. “There’s something special about watching people who put in the effort succeed because of that effort.”

Kirby has been a vocal supporter of Boss Attachments’ recent moves into PNG, seeing it as a natural progression for a company that is always looking to grow.

“PNG is moving forward, and as Australia’s closest neighbour it seems natural to want to help that happen,” he said.

“We’re looking to start a dealership in PNG over the next couple of years because the country is really getting into the high-end mining equipment that we use in Australia.”

Boss Attachments is leveraging its reputation for supplying world-class machinery attachments to the construction, mining and civil industries of Australia to equip PNG with the same level of safety and productivity in their equipment.

The company selects its range of brands for their design innovation and performance, so its customers can rely on them to work longer, harder and faster without compromising on safety.

“Safety is key for us at Boss Attachments,” Kirby said. “We would like to take what we’ve learned on the ground here and help apply that to projects in PNG.

“People in PNG are big believers in a strong educational foundation, and we can help with that by passing on our knowledge.”

This ethos translates to environmentally friendly work, too.

“If a customer wants to move forward with their site, we can help with that,” Kirby said. “If there’s scrap salvage laying around, we can offer solutions to help clean that up and get the site running with a more environmentally conscious outlook.

“People on the ground have responded really well to our help, and we’re seeing an ongoing effect where they will then pass on that knowledge to other sites.”

Boss Attachments has structured its service delivery to leave nothing to chance, meaning customers can be assured its friendly team and world-class warehouse and logistics centre will always be there for them.

The company understands professionalism, success and what its customers want.

But, as Kirby explained, it’s not just about sales.

“We get customers for life by investing in them, not the other way around,” he said. “It’s not all about the sale.

“If a potential customer comes to us and wants our help, we’re happy to brainstorm different ideas about how we can get their site to run more efficiently or safely. And if we get a sale out of that, then that’s just a bonus.”

With new products coming in almost every day, it’s hard to imagine that the Boss Attachments team can find the time to help so many in the PNG community, but Kirby explained that it’s just part of the job.

“Being able to help with the right solution is the most important part of my role at the end of the day,” he said. “If something is more cost-effective or better for the environment or the people, then that’s what we go with.

“It’s never just about the sale. It’s about helping people move forward.” 

This feature appeared in the June–July 2024 issue of Australian Mining.

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