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A gold standard in PPE

Industree Group has a long and storied history providing quality personal protective equipment to the mines of Papua New Guinea.

At its core, mining is an industry built around crushing rock to extract precious resources.

But all that crushing creates fine dust and rogue rock chips, both of which can pose a threat to personal safety.

That’s why it’s essential the highest quality personal protective equipment (PPE) is on hand to keep workers safe and breathing easy.

Quality is cornerstone of Australian-owned international PPE manufacturer and supplier Industree Group’s ethos. The company’s range of TRIDENT respiratory protection products are one example founder, owner and managing director Jason Stenning said provides premium protection that goes above and beyond the competition.

The RTC3000 TRIDENT HEXHALE half-face respirator.
Image: Industree Group

TRIDENT RTCFFP2 respirators were specifically developed by Industree Group with advanced multilayer technology to provide protection against mechanically and thermally generated particulates including fluids, dusts, mists, fumes and smoke.

“It’s a privilege for us to use the knowledge and relationships we have built in Papua New Guinea (PNG) to bring the best protection to its workers,” Stenning told PNG Mining. “We encourage our customers to communicate their needs so we can offer innovative solutions.”

It all started a decade ago when Industree Group received a call that would launch the company into the PNG market with a bang.

“I received a call from a procurement officer at a mine deep in the PNG jungle who I had previously done some work for and who knew Industree Group had a reputation for reliability,” Stenning said.

“The mine had three major contracts to award, incorporating a huge range of PPE, clothing and safety footwear but they couldn’t find anyone that could deliver on requirements and within budget.

“It was a job that would usually require many different suppliers and take up to six months to complete.”

And here’s the kicker: the mine wanted supply to start immediately.

Luckily, Industree Group is also well known for its logistics capabilities, allowing the company to tackle the challenge head-on.

“We launched into action and implemented a single source supply solution,” Stenning said. “It was a herculean effort, but we were able to deliver on our promise and even set up a purpose-built facility to warehouse all the products so they would never run out of stock again.”

Since then, Industree Group has grown its footprint in the Pacific nation to include some of the biggest players in the mining sector.

The RTC3100 TRIDENT HEXHALE full-face respirator.
Image: Industree Group

Now, the company is taking its commitment to excellence to a whole new level with a new range of soon-to-be-released PPE.

Including reusable face masks and battery-powered air purifying respirator (PAPR) systems, high-tech glove designs and safety eyewear, the new range will be on display at the 2024 PNG Industrial and Mining Resources Exhibition and Conference.

“Attendees won’t have seen anything as efficient, comfortable or safe as what we’re bringing out, so we’re really excited to exhibit them,” Stenning said. “Our equipment is best in class, backed by independent expert research.

“When our products have been compared to other leaders in the field, we have outstripped them significantly.”

Looking to the future, Stenning said Industree Group is excited to continue on its journey to engage with customers in developing the next generation of PPE.

“We want to hear our customers’ ideas for how they feel workers could be better protected on the mine sites,” Stenning said.

“We’re really proud of our mission to protect workers with the best solutions on offer, through innovation and a commitment to quality.” 

This feature appeared in the June–July 2024 issue of PNG Mining.

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