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Martin Engineering ups safety in conveyor cleaning

Martin Engineering has announced its next generation of secondary conveyor belt cleaners engineered to reduce dusty carryback and lower maintenance time.

Designed to withstand the stress of heavier loads carried on wider, thicker belts at higher speeds, the Martin SQC2S Orion secondary cleaner features individually cushioned tungsten carbide blade cartridges for effective cleaning without risk to the belt or splices.

A two-tiered tensioning system means minimal adjustments and monitoring throughout the life of the blade, while the heavy-duty blades are mounted on a slide-in/slide-out assembly for faster and safer one-worker external servicing.

The result? Improved belt cleaning with less dust and maintenance for greater workplace safety at a lower cost of operation.

“We field tested the Orion over several months side-by-side with competitor designs in punishing mining environments and found that the new design significantly outperformed the competition,” Martin Engineering conveyor products manager Dave Mueller said.

“At the end of the testing period, customer participants started the process of replacing all their heavy-duty secondary cleaners with the Orion. We now view this design as the future of our secondary cleaner line moving forward.”

The company said that secondary cleaners play an essential role in the belt cleaning process by significantly reducing the volume of dust and fines dropped as carryback on the belt return.

Primary cleaners release most of the abrasive material remaining on the belt after discharge. Located below the head pulley just behind the primary, secondary cleaners scrape off the fines and dust that hide in cracks and divots in the belt.

Carryback is attributed to many environmental and operational issues such as air quality violations, fouling of rolling components and machinery, and increased labor for cleanup and maintenance.

“What sets this unit apart from others on the market is the innovative, dual tensioning system with independent heavy-duty tungsten blades which are game-changing design features,” Mueller said.

“The first level of tensioning is supplied to the entire assembly using the heavy-duty SQC2S tensioner which applies light upward torque evenly across the belt profile for less friction and no wear on splices.”

Safety and ease of maintenance is a key feature and a core priority for all Martin Engineering designs.

“Every bulk handling operation is unique and requires equipment that is versatile and adaptable, and I think we’ve achieved that with the Orion,” Mueller said.

“Martin Engineering products are developed to improve efficiency and safety, without compromising belt health. This design gives customers more options and superior results, regardless of the material or the process.”

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