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The contemporary mining and processing industry is facing a plethora of challenges, ranging from the need for increased efficiency and productivity to concerns about environmental sustainability.

In this context, Michael Greelish, a national business development manager with expertise in the mining and quarrying sector, emphasised the significance of Motion’s high-quality products and solutions in overcoming these challenges.

Greelish highlighted skilled labour shortage as a contemporary issue the mining industry is facing.

“We have a lot of products that replace the old existing ones where you really need to be trained for it,” he said. “For example, some bearings traditionally required highly skilled fitters for installation.”

However, Greelish noted that manufacturers have become more advanced in their production processes and can now supply fully assembled bearings that can simply be slid onto the shaft.

“Everything’s been done at the factory already prior to delivering this solution,” he said. “Therefore, you don’t need to be a skilled fitter to install these bearings.”

Greelish elaborated on how technological advancements, such as the introduction of split bearings, have dramatically reduced the time required for bearing replacement from an average of 12 hours to a mere one hour.

“We offer coupling solutions that you can change in situ. Just a matter of sliding a cover back, unwrap the element, wrap a new element on, and slide the cover back on,” he said.

These quick and easy maintenance options minimise downtime and reduce the reliance on skilled labour, allowing mining operations to get sites up and running more quickly.

Greelish also highlighted more of Motion’s quality solutions, such as high-efficiency motors and optimised drive designs, which can make a significant difference in achieving efficiency and sustainability goals.

He explained that many belt drives on mining sites are over designed and require more power than necessary, resulting in wastage.

“We can run these drive designs on their belts to ensure that they’re efficient drives and designed for that,” Greelish said.

In addition to efficiency gains, Greelish acknowledged the growing focus on sustainability and environmental impact in the mining industry. He mentions that, while achieving net-zero emissions is a challenging goal, there are cost-effective ways to reduce emissions with Motion’s products and solutions.

One example is optimising equipment usage through proper maintenance and calibration, which can minimise energy waste and improve energy efficiency. Encouraging the adoption of energy-efficient practices among employees is another effective measure. By implementing these practices, mining operations can achieve sustainability goals without incurring substantial expenses.

However, Greelish acknowledged that there may be resistance to embracing new technology and practices due to concerns about costs.

“People sometimes view a high-efficiency option as costlier,” he said. “Recognising that upfront costs may be a deterrent for some in the industry.”

Nevertheless, Greelish pointed out that often customers are looking to make savings where possible, which can be a beneficial outcome.

Condition monitoring is another critical aspect of maintenance in the mining industry, as it allows for proactive identification of potential issues before they result in costly breakdowns.

“Condition monitoring tools are getting smarter – the benefits of these should not be overlooked, as identifying machinery issues will drastically reduce downtime,” Greelish said. “The Motion Engineering and Services Team offers several options for monitoring the condition of bearings, and we can facilitate comprehensive solutions which offer real-time monitoring.”

The team specialises in providing advanced condition monitoring solutions for the mining industry. With their expertise in bearing technology and equipment health monitoring, they offer a range of options for proactive maintenance.

These options may include vibration analysis, temperature monitoring, oil analysis, and other advanced techniques to assess the condition of bearings and other critical components in mining equipment.

Motion is a trusted leader in providing industrial solutions for the mining industry in Australia. With a wide range of products, services, and comprehensive engineering capabilities, the company offers cutting-edge solutions that sets it apart and make a significant difference in this industry.

“We have the capabilities of doing so much in-house which makes Motion really stand out,” Greelish said.

With extensive expertise in areas such as bearings, power transmission, automation, pneumatics, hydraulics, and safety equipment, among others, Motion is well-positioned to propel mining and processing operations into the future.

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