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The right pump for every solution

Combining a Putzmeister pump with the support and knowledge of Beasley’s Hydraulic Services ensures everyone walks away a winner.

A tailings dam is a crucial piece of the puzzle for any mining operation. Used to store by-products and waste left over from separating ore, tailings dam technology has come a long way from the mines of old – but that doesn’t mean they’re fool-proof.

One of the best ways to ensure a tailings dam remains up to code is to employ strong and reliable pumps that go the distance – and that’s where Putzmeister and Beasley’s Hydraulic Services work their magic.

“The mining industry has come a long way in improving safety for mine workers and the communities living nearby,” Beasley’s business development manager Peter Beasley told PNG Mining.

“The challenge for all stakeholders is to embrace new standards while developing creative and innovative solutions.”

Beasley’s prides itself on delivering top-of-the-line after-sales support.
Image: Beasley’s Hydraulic Services

With so many variables on the line when it comes to tailings dams, Putzmeister takes precision seriously. The company custom-designs each pump to meet the standards of the individual site or project.

“Each unit is designed to suit the explicit conditions of your site and demands,” Beasley said.

“If you need to overcome site-specific challenges and your standards require zero tolerance for error, then a custom-designed, precisely built pump from Putzmeister is your best solution.”

Beasley’s previously supplied a Putzmeister paste pump and regular maintenance services at one of the largest gold mines in Papua New Guinea (PNG). Ensuring the right pump was applied to the solution has meant that the mine continues to use Putzmeister and the services of Beasley’s.

“The pump itself is not the end goal, nor is it the whole story,” Beasley said. “The work that goes into both the before- and after-sales service is just as important.

“Putzmeister pumps are built to work under the harshest conditions. From consultancy through to commissioning, every detail is checked and rechecked, every component minutely analysed, every finished unit rigorously tested to its specification.

“Nothing is left to chance.”

This level of detail has left Beasley’s customers coming back time and again. The company’s PNG client was especially thrilled at the high level of professional support and technical competency.

“The company said that our support and service significantly contributed to the exceptionally high availability and utilisation status achieved with the Putzmeister pump,” Beasley said.

Also highlighted was Beasley’s attention to detail and ongoing commitment to clients.

“The mine was able to achieve valuable increases in production,” Beasley said.

“The goal of managing tailings for zero harm to people and the environment and zero tolerance for human tragedy is what this all comes down to – it’s the broader goal we’re working toward.

“We have made significant steps in the right direction and Putzmeister pumps have been a big part of that because they never leave the factory until they have been proven beyond specification.”

This feature appeared in the June–July 2024 issue of PNG Mining.

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