The right valve, every time

With a reputation as a go-to specialist valve company, Winnellie Valve & Process is no stranger to hard work and perseverance.

Winnellie Valve & Process’ products have been helping to regulate the flow of fluids and gas across the energy and mining sectors for more than 40 years.

Since 1983, the company has sourced, sold and maintained equipment that works hard so its customers don’t have to.

And Winnellie Valve & Process is now looking to expand in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

“We see PNG as a massive potential growth market for us,” Winnellie Valve & Process manager Iain Garvin told PNG Mining.

“What makes us different is our technical expertise; we’re not just selling products, we’re providing the technical support, too.”

Garvin highlighted the continuous replacement and maintaining of valves as a common concern that Winnellie Valve & Process can help solve, and he’s looking forward to helping operations in PNG with similar issues.

“If an operator is continuously replacing or maintaining their plant valves, they need to be looking at correct severe service valve selection,” he said.

Correctly selected severe service valves take into account temperature, pressure, pressure drop, erosion and corrosion to ensure the best valve for the application.

Winnellie Valve & Process takes into account why valves might be failing at the plant and will then work with its customers to ensure new valves can provide better reliability.

“If you’re constantly getting leaks, the costs of those leaks start to become clear really quickly,” Garvin said.

“So by spending some money on better quality valves that won’t leak, you’re saving far more money in the long term.”

Learn more about Winnellie Valve & Process in the 2024 July–August issue of PNG Mining when it releases in July.

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